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Top Audiophile Music Songs for Every Genre

How do you discover a better music genre or expand your knowledge of music? The only way is by listening to a wide variety of music. But maneuvering through unfamiliar types to find something you like can be daunting. Below is a handpicked genre sampler list for an audiophile.

What Music is good for Audiophiles Anyways?

Audiophiles love their music, but which is best? We’ll break it down by category, or genre, if you will. One of the most important things right now is you just bought some great speakers (with an amp) and now its time to use them to its full capabilities.

With all the information out there, you can research even more on musical instruments and audio equipment ( Find the best, and exactly what you are looking for. Even for the average home owner that just wants to listen to music with some better equipment, there’s something for everyone.

The style of production of the chosen songs and the sonic character is sure to give your hi-fi a workout. It will also broaden your music horizons. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Audiophile Music for Jazz Lovers

Jazz is a divisive form of art. Believe it or not, it has been America’s single most significant contribution during the 20th century. Some jazz recordings have high hi-fi potency. The following are examples of the best jazz music for audiophiles. If you aren’t on the radar of some jazz, then get ready to add your favorite list.

Billy Cobham-Stratus

Billy Cobham is a famous drummer and notorious in risk-taking in his music. He is the engine in the song. That makes “Stratus” a perfect test of the fierceness of your system. The song utilizes drums, acoustic and electric piano, horns, and percussion. Also, it employs the acoustic and electric bass and wind instrument, which take turns. As the instruments chip in simultaneously, your system should be able to capture this virtuoso.

Body and Soul

Artist: Thelonious Monk

The Monk recording features a unique style. He combines piercing attacks, unpredictable tone releases, and pauses that make the music fascinating to listen to. The solo piano piece improvises periodic silences and tonal releases. Such attacks and collapses are exclusive to the jazz music genre. However, if your system fails to pick the details, the song will be sounding more of Les Dawson.

Audiophile Music for Rock Enthusiasts

Most of today’s rock music is loud, even when playing at a low volume. Listening to such songs using a quality audio gear such as a hi-fi, can be horrific. That is why the audiophile looks out for rock songs that have a wider dynamic range. Thankfully there are still artists who produce well-mastered and impeccable songs. Below are some high-end Hifi songs you can listen to.

Ring of Fire

Artist: Sleepy LaBeef

The song features impressive guitar recordings. It is all rounded and doesn’t dominate the track. Thus, you can hear the transitioning between slow and fast kicks. Your system should be highly versatile to enable you to enjoy the range and intense energy. It should perfectly capture every element of the music.

Masterpiece Theater III

Artist: Marianas Trench

The song features a pop-rock band and is well-constructed. You will enjoy the depth it provides. It brings a mixture of excellent vocals coupled with tempo transitions and a bit of chaos that makes it exceptional. The song seems to be telling a musical story. It reminds you of the entire album while still being a separate piece. Its layering will give you some chills.

Audiophile Music for Classical Fans


Artist: Anthony Braxton

He improvises and layers other pieces over his song Ghost trance music. The skillful and vertiginous song performance is suitable for all year moods.


Artis: Derek Bermel

The song begins with a dizzying melting pot of folk like rhythms. It also incorporates droning tunes and pungent modernist harmonies. He also spikes the sounds with a burst of wailing jazz A.T. The endless lines brings out counterpoint and a flowing harmony.


With all these genres to choose from, there’s something for every audiophile – that’s for sure. With that being said, the time is right now to go out and hook your system up, buy what you need and start listening to some beautiful music.